Monday, February 21, 2011

Love and Knit

This weeks featured designer on Etsy is Mine Kurtulmus from Love and Knit and Love and Dream. As I was reading her interview, I fell in love with her answer to the question: 
What does handmade mean to you? 
Handmade is like giving life to an object. When you create something, it owns a piece of your soul, a piece of your feelings and taste. This is why handmade objects are precious and unique.

Indulge in her lovely knits. 
These are our favorites:

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day!

It's another beautiful day in Miami, 73 degrees a light breeze and only a handful on clouds. Regardless of whether or not you're celebrating the holiday with someone today or not, we thought we'd post some pretty Valentines day things for you to look at. So be it for some last minute shopping, or just some inspiration, enjoy!

Here's a lovely hair piece by FancyThat on Sense of Fashion.

Adorable pearl studs with crocheted wire by GalitBarak also on Sense of Fashion.

In case you too like to bake for your honey, here are some sweet measuring cups from Modcloth

Maybe I'm partial to this because I'm currently wearing a pink tulle skirt, but this would make for a festive dinner dress, with your boo, or your friends! (Also from Modcloth)

Enjoy your week guys, and always make sure you make everyday just as special as this one.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sponsorship time!

Hi guys, happy almost Valentines day!
It's Sunday, so that means we're hard at work. Admittedly, sitting at Starbucks enjoying a nice cup of tea makes it a lot nicer. :]
We're really excited here because we've officially purchased our first sponsorship ad space! For the entire month of March, the gorgeous Elsie will have our link on her blog so that all her lovely readers can find us. We're thrilled at the prospect of people we don't personally know finding our website and seeing our work. This is going to hopefully open some doors for us.

Speaking of opening doors, just as we were setting up our laptops here earlier today a woman approached us. Turns out she's a bathing suit designer and was interested in knowing if we would potentially model for her up and coming line. Talks of collaborating with her and making jewelry specifically for her pieces were had and cards exchanged! We would love to help out someone else who's trying to make it out there with their creative talents, and who would say no to taking pictures on a yacht?