Saturday, April 30, 2011

(Saturday Silliness)

For a laugh, here are some behind the scenes outtakes from Mondays photo shoot. Posing tends to feel super awkward, so we usually flop around and magically get some nice pictures, but here's what we get in between shots.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

(Mid Week Treat) Red Velvet

It is always important to treat yourself to something sweet. But it is even more important to treat yourself to time for creativity and inspiration. So indulge yourself with your favorite sweet and do what inspires you.

Red velvet is always a decadent option, in whatever form cake, cupcake, whoopie pie, etc.  Here's a link to a super easy, and delicious red velvet recipe I tried a few months ago, by the wonderful Paula Deen.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Delicious Miami eats

Sunday the Boo and I went out to lunch. I was craving burritos (I'll be honest, there aren't many days that I'm not) so we went to Lime in Midtown Mall because I had never been, and he highly recommended it.

Oh man, it was delicious. I'm a vegetarian, so finding places that serve non meat items that are yummy can be pretty difficult in a city filled with Latin restaurants. Their bean burrito was super filling, and was everything I wanted (admittedly, it could have used some lettuce, but I'll know next time to add it to my order, they're super flexible and everything can be made to order- that always gives a place extra points).

The portions are large, and worth the price (even though it's really not that pricey of a place). The Boo got a naked burrito, and was so full he couldn't finish it!

The margaritas sealed the deal for me. $7.50 for a decently sized blended margarita that has a nice kick to it. They definitely don't cheat you on the alcohol like some places do. They had the right blend of sour, and salty, and were super refreshing as we sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

For any Miami locals, I totally recommend going here. The service was awesome, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was really pleasant. Best of all perhaps, their meat is Humanely Raised! Go support them guys, and let us know how you liked it!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Manic Monday

Margaret and I are in the office, hard at work. And by office, I mean Starbucks. And by hard at work, I mean planning, writing, thinking, and drinking tea.

While we plan out the rest of the week, here are our outfits to hopefully inspire your week!

I treated myself and got this new white blazer from Express. It's super light so I'll be able to wear it without overheating, that's always a plus!

The bee also felt in the mood for a jacket, and accented the whole outfit with a J. Crew mini belt. Super delicate but it ties it all together.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

How do you like it?

Do you like to pile on your jewelry???

Or wear each piece one at a time???

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mid-Week Treat

We discovered this delicious yet healthy snack from the blog Everything Fabulous. And her blog IS fabulous! And how exciting is this? Sasha was recently awarded The Most Stylish Mom award! Be sure to make time and stop by Everything Fabulous if this blog isn't already on your every day reads.

By the way, I (Margaret) am basically a human version of the cookie monster. I love cookies. Any of you that are on the same boat as I am who MUST have a sweet day please join me on this new ride and try this tasteful and healthy alternative.

And on another personal note, Marion is a fabulous baker! Her treats are delicious. Stay tuned for some of her recipes!!!

1. Pick a bread that is high in fiber and has lots of grain (1 slice high brand 8health bread has 70 calories and 7gr of fiber) 
2. Add 1 tbsp of peanut butter (1 tbsp has 85 calories and 1gr fiber)  
3. Add some delicious and fresh strawberries (1 cup is 45 calories and has 3gr of fiber)
A delicious snack of only 200 Calories!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

We've been wearing our thinking caps!

With a full day of thinking under our belts, and two very hungry rumbling bellies, we wanted to post a quick entry.
We had a very extensive brainstorming day. We have lots of things to look forward to, and although I can't spill the beans on anything just yet, I did want to mention that we love all the support we've gotten and look forward to you guys staying by our sides!

We couldn't do it alone and we're super excited for where Bunnie Bee is heading. Lots of things that locals can look forward to, as well as online shoppers across the country, and world!

Stay tuned for our mid weak treat, and other entries this week. Keep those comments coming, they make us all happy and warm inside!

And now we're off to grab some dinner!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday silliness

We work a lot, but we have a bunch of fun at the same time. Playing with the pups, or making a food run for pad Thai, or even messing around with our materials.

One thing I end up doing a lot is draping fabric over my head/shoulders/ etc and maintain a totally casual conversation with Margaret, until it's too ridiculous and we burst out laughing.
Another thing we tend to do is wear our pieces as crowns. Maybe one day we'll branch out into tiara's and head dresses! Until then, we just fake it.

Here's the Bee with Catherine A

I flipped my headband down as a head dress.

We also tend to put things over our eyes, like Geordi La Forge. Did you guys ever do that when you were little??

Tomorrow is our Sunday funday, enjoy your day as much as we will!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Life inspires art, art inspires life

Back on Sunday, when we wandered around downtown Miami we came across lots of street art that we felt like sharing with you guys!

Walk down any street, any alley way in Wynwood or the Design District and you'll see some beautiful graffiti. I can't believe that some people consider this defacing, but I think it's because there's a misconception between graffiti and tagging. Tagging is when people quickly write their name all over walls and objects, anonymously. This is usually illegal and would actually deface the surface. Graffiti however is actually ART (in most cases at least). When the artist asks permission to use a wall, and is skilled, something beautiful is created for the public to enjoy as they walk or drive by.

These areas in Miami are filled with gorgeous street art, especially because of our annual Art Basel . So much art work goes up, and then survives most of the year just in time to start the cycle all over again in December.  Primary Flight is also responsible for a lot of the street art in these areas. Check out their site for more pictures and information about these artists!
Wandering around can provide you so much inspiration if you're feeling stumped, regardless of what project you're working on. It's a nice break from the office, or the day to day routine, and a quick trip to Wynwood for lunch is great for feeling refreshed and stimulated. Margaret felt inspired by flamingos!

Some works are by local emerging artists, while some pieces are by some big names thanks to the Art Basel festival bringing in artists from all over the world.
One artist who has a lots of pieces around here is Shepard Fairey whom you might have learned about through his famous Obama poster. These works are beautiful when they're fresh, but even as they whither away there's something really special about them.

Does your city have any places like this?
Until next time, ta-ta!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Urban desert

We wanted to talk more about where we were at on Sunday since it's such an up and coming area!

It's hard to believe walking around Wynwood on a Sunday morning, that the night before it was packed with people out having dinner and drinks. Especially on this past Sunday since the night before was Second Saturday Wynwood Art Walk. Margaret went the night before with the boy, and enjoyed an art filled night, and we're anxious for next month's event so we can show you guys how wonderful and fun it is!

Seriously though, look at this. Empty, empty, empty.


You might also have noticed those clear blue skies. Beautiful, but man, there is no moment where a cloud can block the sun and relieve you for a few seconds. It's getting really hot down here. I mean, REALLY hot. We don't have a spring, it's basically just summer already! This makes getting dressed a bit of a mission in figuring out what will be as light as possible, and as sweat mark proof as possible. Time to bust out those shorts, skirts, and breezy tops!

Other than two people also staging a photo shoot, the only other one around was this cute little pup, who was doing his guard dog job, while looking adorable.

Even though the area was deserted, and the real "Art Walk" was the night before, you can still walk around and check out a bunch of street art! Admittedly, although it's an up and coming area, it's still a bit sketchy. I wouldn't recommend to anyone to go wandering around alone.But there's safety in numbers, and day light, and we had an adventure through Wynwood, and the Design District.

Check back on Friday for a post about some of the art we found!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday Brunch

We enjoyed Cafeina so much the other week that we decided to go back yesterday. We just had to have that white wine sangria again! Although it wasn't prepared the same way, it was delicious, light, and refreshing. Next time you're hosting a spring/summer brunch, you just have to make some! Trust us, it'll be a hit.

For our brunch date, Margaret bravely sported some bright red Forever21 shorts, that matched her red nails. She toned down the rest of her look by pairing them with a white shirt, and a beige vest, that looked great with her brand new summer Aldo shoes (I'm jealous too, don't worry).

She put on a piece we just finished last week and was just added online, Catherine A. The black fabric has gold, silver, and bronze tinsel woven through which adds glimmer to it and turns the outfit from cute, to fabulous, with out trying too hard.

I quickly converted an outfit from the night before into daytime appropriate by switching out my black jacket (as seen here ) for a vest, and some black Tom's. I put Quatre (4) on to add just a hint of glamour to my outfit, without it being too much. I was in the mood for casual but chic, and some crystal action was just the thing.

So, maybe you noticed, "hey, those aren't Tom's!" well that's because once I saw the Bee wearing heels, I just had to switch back to my heels from the night before. I got myself some new Steve Madden's this week as a treat for working hard, and I felt like busting them out again . We just realized today that in a strange turn of events, in the same week we both got beige and black shoes, that are very similar and yet totally each others style. Isn't that funny? Does that ever happen to you with your friends?

We spent the rest of the afternoon around Wynwood, exploring and enjoying lots of street art, so be sure to check in all week because we have lots to share about our adventure!

Monday, April 4, 2011

No April fools here

Did anyone try to pull a fast one on you? We were luckily spared, for the most part. I just got one lady ask me at 6 in the morning if she could go behind the counter and make her drink herself. I just stared blankly at her (picture confused deer in headlights face) until she laughed at herself and told me that she had fooled the people next door. Go you, lady! Anyone who can be that cheery and alert that early, before their coffee, deserves to have their fun.
Fun Fact: In French it's called a Poisson d' April fish. Not sure why. Just is.

Sadly, our free shipping promotion is over, but fear not anyone who missed it! We're excited to keep posting promotions through our blog for our lovely followers! Make sure you keep them eyes peeled for any 20% off promos or things of the sort. Maybe a giveaway or two. We're thinking big here!

We also started a twitter (Bunnie_Bee) today. Apparently that's what the kids are doing nowadays. We've both never had twitter accounts, so we feel like little old ladies figuring this stuff out, but it should be fun. We're hoping to meet more people through that and keep people posted more frequently than we can here. Don't get us wrong though, this blog is not getting pushed aside by any means, we love this blog.

Just because, here's a sneak peak picture of some behind the scenes action. You can see our amazing sketches. They make sense to only us, that way they stay top secret.