Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday Brunch

We enjoyed Cafeina so much the other week that we decided to go back yesterday. We just had to have that white wine sangria again! Although it wasn't prepared the same way, it was delicious, light, and refreshing. Next time you're hosting a spring/summer brunch, you just have to make some! Trust us, it'll be a hit.

For our brunch date, Margaret bravely sported some bright red Forever21 shorts, that matched her red nails. She toned down the rest of her look by pairing them with a white shirt, and a beige vest, that looked great with her brand new summer Aldo shoes (I'm jealous too, don't worry).

She put on a piece we just finished last week and was just added online, Catherine A. The black fabric has gold, silver, and bronze tinsel woven through which adds glimmer to it and turns the outfit from cute, to fabulous, with out trying too hard.

I quickly converted an outfit from the night before into daytime appropriate by switching out my black jacket (as seen here ) for a vest, and some black Tom's. I put Quatre (4) on to add just a hint of glamour to my outfit, without it being too much. I was in the mood for casual but chic, and some crystal action was just the thing.

So, maybe you noticed, "hey, those aren't Tom's!" well that's because once I saw the Bee wearing heels, I just had to switch back to my heels from the night before. I got myself some new Steve Madden's this week as a treat for working hard, and I felt like busting them out again . We just realized today that in a strange turn of events, in the same week we both got beige and black shoes, that are very similar and yet totally each others style. Isn't that funny? Does that ever happen to you with your friends?

We spent the rest of the afternoon around Wynwood, exploring and enjoying lots of street art, so be sure to check in all week because we have lots to share about our adventure!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a cute blog also. And I love both of the outfits you posted. Both of you have fabulous shoes.


  2. Wah! Cafeina sounds amazing! And that fruit drink you had! Yummy! And both of those shoes! Ah! Want!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  3. Love the outfits and colors. And can I steal your shoes please? =P

    Man that food looks so delicious to the point where it's killing me, I want some yummies right now! xoxo

  4. How awesome! You guys with double outfit posts. Oh and the food!!!! <3 Making me hungry!