Monday, April 4, 2011

No April fools here

Did anyone try to pull a fast one on you? We were luckily spared, for the most part. I just got one lady ask me at 6 in the morning if she could go behind the counter and make her drink herself. I just stared blankly at her (picture confused deer in headlights face) until she laughed at herself and told me that she had fooled the people next door. Go you, lady! Anyone who can be that cheery and alert that early, before their coffee, deserves to have their fun.
Fun Fact: In French it's called a Poisson d' April fish. Not sure why. Just is.

Sadly, our free shipping promotion is over, but fear not anyone who missed it! We're excited to keep posting promotions through our blog for our lovely followers! Make sure you keep them eyes peeled for any 20% off promos or things of the sort. Maybe a giveaway or two. We're thinking big here!

We also started a twitter (Bunnie_Bee) today. Apparently that's what the kids are doing nowadays. We've both never had twitter accounts, so we feel like little old ladies figuring this stuff out, but it should be fun. We're hoping to meet more people through that and keep people posted more frequently than we can here. Don't get us wrong though, this blog is not getting pushed aside by any means, we love this blog.

Just because, here's a sneak peak picture of some behind the scenes action. You can see our amazing sketches. They make sense to only us, that way they stay top secret.

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  1. HAhaha, no one pulled an Aprils Fools on me this year, thank goodness! Twitter is a great resource, I'll follow you! xoxo