Friday, April 15, 2011

Life inspires art, art inspires life

Back on Sunday, when we wandered around downtown Miami we came across lots of street art that we felt like sharing with you guys!

Walk down any street, any alley way in Wynwood or the Design District and you'll see some beautiful graffiti. I can't believe that some people consider this defacing, but I think it's because there's a misconception between graffiti and tagging. Tagging is when people quickly write their name all over walls and objects, anonymously. This is usually illegal and would actually deface the surface. Graffiti however is actually ART (in most cases at least). When the artist asks permission to use a wall, and is skilled, something beautiful is created for the public to enjoy as they walk or drive by.

These areas in Miami are filled with gorgeous street art, especially because of our annual Art Basel . So much art work goes up, and then survives most of the year just in time to start the cycle all over again in December.  Primary Flight is also responsible for a lot of the street art in these areas. Check out their site for more pictures and information about these artists!
Wandering around can provide you so much inspiration if you're feeling stumped, regardless of what project you're working on. It's a nice break from the office, or the day to day routine, and a quick trip to Wynwood for lunch is great for feeling refreshed and stimulated. Margaret felt inspired by flamingos!

Some works are by local emerging artists, while some pieces are by some big names thanks to the Art Basel festival bringing in artists from all over the world.
One artist who has a lots of pieces around here is Shepard Fairey whom you might have learned about through his famous Obama poster. These works are beautiful when they're fresh, but even as they whither away there's something really special about them.

Does your city have any places like this?
Until next time, ta-ta!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is so pretty. I love street art. It's so hard working with such a large canvas... graffiti is definitely a talent.


  2. Great shots!!!You both look amazing!

  3. haha, love the one of Margie and the flamingos