Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Urban desert

We wanted to talk more about where we were at on Sunday since it's such an up and coming area!

It's hard to believe walking around Wynwood on a Sunday morning, that the night before it was packed with people out having dinner and drinks. Especially on this past Sunday since the night before was Second Saturday Wynwood Art Walk. Margaret went the night before with the boy, and enjoyed an art filled night, and we're anxious for next month's event so we can show you guys how wonderful and fun it is!

Seriously though, look at this. Empty, empty, empty.


You might also have noticed those clear blue skies. Beautiful, but man, there is no moment where a cloud can block the sun and relieve you for a few seconds. It's getting really hot down here. I mean, REALLY hot. We don't have a spring, it's basically just summer already! This makes getting dressed a bit of a mission in figuring out what will be as light as possible, and as sweat mark proof as possible. Time to bust out those shorts, skirts, and breezy tops!

Other than two people also staging a photo shoot, the only other one around was this cute little pup, who was doing his guard dog job, while looking adorable.

Even though the area was deserted, and the real "Art Walk" was the night before, you can still walk around and check out a bunch of street art! Admittedly, although it's an up and coming area, it's still a bit sketchy. I wouldn't recommend to anyone to go wandering around alone.But there's safety in numbers, and day light, and we had an adventure through Wynwood, and the Design District.

Check back on Friday for a post about some of the art we found!

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