About Us

            Bunnie Bee is a Miami based jewelry company created and maintained by two long time friends, Margaret Smith and Marion Doucet. After years of crafting together in high school, and later fine tuning their love of art and design in college, the two were ready to launch something big. Not only have the pair put their talents and passion into designing and assembling each piece, but have also done the entire branding and styling of the company, designing their own graphics, business cards, and websites, as well as shooting their own photos.
            What separates Bunnie Bee from other jewelry companies is that all the pieces are hand crafted and one of a kind using recycled materials, avoiding any superfluous purchases from art supply stores. This first collection utilizes antique jewelry, by breaking apart old chains and brooches and re-imagining them into modern pieces, while still maintaining a sense of history (meaning that, despite soldering brooches closed for safety and durability, they still look and feel like pins). By breathing a new life into these old and out of fashion jewels, Bunnie Bee is allowing the materials to go full circle and come back into circulation rather than being thrown out or forgotten forever.
            Because Bunnie Bee is seeking to re-use many different materials, collections will be material based rather than time based. This means that at any time we may add new pieces to an older collection because it fits the aesthetic and materials of that set. So, even if we are sold out of a collection at the time you’re looking, be sure to check in every now and then since we will have added more.
            If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to use the contact page to send in an email.