Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bunnie Bee Jewelry to the rescue

Last month we had the pleasure of solving a 30 year old problem. Catharine, my boys old coworker, approached us with a box full of her grandmothers jewelry that she had saved since her passing in the 70's. Although she had kept everything, none of it was actually wearable. Pieces were missing, links were broken, things had rusted, etc. Her sons college graduation was coming up and she decided she wanted us to make her a necklace incorporating this old jewelry in order to have her family there in spirit for the event.

We were able to create something using all of her own materials, even her grandfathers pocket watch!

We incorporated all the elements she wanted to have in there, including the fact that the watch is removable in case her brother wants it back!

Catharine was a pleasure to have as a client, and we're thrilled that she plans on surprising her sister with a custom piece of her own in the future.

PS: Apologies on the horrible quality of the pictures. We weren't able to snag a good shot of it before giving it to her.

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  1. Hey girls!! I was just reading through your blog instead of doing work this morning (whoops) and I absolutely LOVE this neclace and the story.

    There are some great antique type stores here on the vineyard or estate sales with gaudy (spelling?) old jewelry. I think I am going to start picking up some stuff and bringing them home so you guys can create a custom design for me too!