Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer lovin'

Summer is right around the corner, and it's blazing hot. Gone are the days of getting away with wearing boots, or accessorizing with light scarves. We've said our goodbyes. My sweaters and jackets are being pushed to the back of the closet, see ya in 6 months!

It's that time of year where you see skin, lots of it. But it's important to not look like you're vacationing on the beach. It's hard when it gets so hot that you can't layer, and you'll start to sweat before you even leave your house. Since it's not socially appropriate to go through your day in a bathing suit, here are some go to looks that keep us from overheating, while still looking cute.

I have a bunch of over sized, looseygoosey black tanks with different details that keep them each a little different. This one has a front pocket, and the straps crisscross in the back.

The Bee just picked up this light crocheted white top, the holes are large enough that air can circulate, but it's still conservative and doesn't show too much skin underneath.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

(Spoiled Sunday) Summer bottoms

The Bunnie:
It's really hot. There was a buy one get one half off sale. I couldn't resist. I spoiled myself to some black shorts from Express.

The Bee:
After repeatedly looking through the racks at Forever 21and not finding anything new and exciting I decided to stick to what I know. This linen and scalloped edged skirt in orange already lives in my closet so why not own it in a easily matchable color too!

Saturday Sillines

You can dance if you want to...

Friday, May 6, 2011

(Bunnie vs. Bee) Puppy wish list

The Bunnie:
Meet Ludo: He enjoys looking classy and belly rubs.

The Bee:

Meet Henry. His hobbies are gardening and looking cute.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nice day for a walk

We wandered through Margaret's neighborhood for a little stroll and came across this adorable house with a white picket fence.  I was a bit apprehensive about going on someone's property..Margi, however, was ready to go on in!

Sometimes you're in a hurry and it's hot outside, and it just becomes one of those days to quickly throw on a dress, and call it a day. A dress is a great way to get dressed and look put together without having to think about it too much. There's no worrying about coordinating a top and a bottom. There's no matching, or mismatching. Just easy breezy, pull it over your head and you're done in one easy swoop.

I like dresses that look like separates, but onlookers be fooled! Tis a simple dress!
If your dress is a solid piece, and you want to break it up a little bit, adding a belt almost always works.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Boy Writes Miami

This is the [half] face of the boy, Orlando, from Boy Writes Miami. His website is a vulgar and hilarious take on Miami hot spots.  Whether you just want a laugh, or maybe you want to check what his review is of a place before going, BWM is an indispensable review website for locals. Go and check him out, maybe you'll plan that Miami trip sooner than expected!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Simple Start to the Week

Every fashionista has their casual days. For a comfortable outfit, stick to your favorites, whether it be a pair of incredibly comfortable Toms or a sheer and breezy top. Possibly the best part about these photos is that the red flowers that have fallen to the ground from the Royal Poinciana tree match the intricate flower details on Marion's T and my punchy red polish!

(Spoiled Sundays)

The Bunnie:
I've always been in love with Chanel purses. One day, I will totally spoil myself with one. Maybe two if I'm extra lucky. 
The Bee:
I have been obsessing over the beautiful Birkin Bags by Hermes. If I could, I would totally spoil myself with this bag. It adds elegance to any look and is timeless!