Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Mid Week Treat

orange and lemon        +        cinnamon       +      white wine =

Delicious White Wine Sangria!

We discovered this lovely cocktail on sunday morning at Cafeina.
Make your cocktail here.

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Bunnie Bee

Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend wrap up

It's Monday, everyone is back at work, Winter Music Conference has ended, all sorts of other events going on around town simultaneously have ended, things are getting back to normal. And by normal I mean traffic is horrible again, instead of this weeks ridiculously-gut-wrenchingly- horrible traffic. However, Miami is still filled with spring breakers walking around in bathing suits, taking pictures of cars and palm trees while sipping their sugary cocktails from souvenir cups. I guess that's the price you pay for living in this beautiful city where people come to vacation.

Over the weekend we went to a fashion event on the beach, where we spent our 15 block walk discussing the above. We went to Fashion Loves Haiti, a relief show held by Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach. They had several Haitian bands and performers as well as several very talented Haitian designers. The show started a bit late, but once it started it was lots of fun, and very stimulating to the senses!

The first designer that showed was Mejeanne Couture. Self described on her facebook as "MeJeanne Couture is an up and coming clothing line that embodies sophistication and individuality. Its designs are characterized by a bold and imaginative remodeling of past looks in order to meet and exceed today’s fashion expectations."
Both of us were instantly blown away! She creates these super flattering, amazing silhouettes with pleats and cut outs that make these dresses simply gorgeous. Her fabric choices made them appropriate for many occasions, and nothing seemed "too much". Many of the pieces that came down made both of us turn to each other and squeal in delight of how we'd love to wear 'em.

PS: This little lady was the cutest walker there! She seemed to be having a blast, and always had a smile on her face. She was, without a doubt, our favorite model.


The lovely lady herself with one of her designs.

The other designer we totally fell for was Dayanne Danier who presented pieces from her line Bien Abye (Well Dressed). Her Websites bio describes it as "Elegant styles that are tailored to a woman's silhouette; Bien AbyƩ collection is inspired by the desire to unveil a woman's sophistication and confidence with every step she takes while embracing her lifestyle." The looks were all gorgeous and refined, and made me really wish I had an office job so I can walk in there with her clothes looking fierce.

And look! The paparazzi also managed to snag a picture of Bunnie Bee!

Have a great week guys, and remember to stay posted!

PS: A few days earlier, Margaret worked the runway too! Congrats to her team on winning Most Elegant.

T and Jeans and Bunnie Bee

So heres the deal. We all love dressing fashionable and trendy basically as if we are in an episode of Sex and the City. But some mornings, especially those sleepy rainy mornings, a T and jeans will just have to do!

As Marion and I both pulled up to work today, we stepped out of our cars, looked at each other and just laughed. We were both in a 'T and jeans' mood. Bunnie Bee Jewelry completely transformed our outfits. One thing we love about BB Jewelry is that each piece can be dressed up or down and still look fabulous.

Everything from the Crystal Collection can add a stunning touch of beauty to a cocktail outfit. And it doesn't stop there. The Crystal Collection is just as stunning with a casual look too!

A classic casual look: Pearls, stripes, and ballet flats.
Need I say more?

Oh yes there is one more thing! 
You all LOVELY readers must know something very important. 
This fabulous whistle necklace, Norah, works! It whistles loud and clear!

Goofy shots of me displaying how Norah (aka 'the trendy rape whistle') works!

PS: To wrap up our sponsorship month, we're offering FREE SHIPPING until March 31st when you shop through our etsy!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Outfits galore....the end

Hi guys!
Here's the conclusion to this weeks outfits, stay tuned for more next week maybe!

For the last look we did we chose to combine two of our pieces from different collections to show that you can mix and match them. Here's Annabelle from our Pearl collection, and Clementine B from our Fabric collection working together to accessorize some cute outfits!

Here's another going out look, or paired with some flats instead could be cute for a lunch date. I paired a different back American Apparel leotard with a pink tutu skirt and some black patent leather pumps to have it be flirty, but with my favorite bomber jacket again to add some edge. The accessories add more girly touches with the bow and pearls so it's not over the top girly, but definitely nice for a day when you feel like playing dress up.

Margarets look for these pieces was a nice errand running sort of outfit. Comfy in some wide leg jeans, a white silk tank, navy blazer, and some wedges. This is perfect for running those errands you have to finish for the week, and yet still super cute if someone calls you up for a spontaneous lunch, or if you decide to go surprise your boo at work. The accessories work without over powering the outfit or drawing too much attention, effortless and adorable.

So even though a lot of our pieces are girly, and you may be thinking "But that's not my style! How would I wear that?!" we hope that by showing you some outfit ideas you see that they really are versatile. More importantly perhaps, is that when it comes to dressing and personal style it's about owning it. If you're confident with what you're wearing, it'll show, and no one will question your outfit choice. And well, if they do, too bad cause you're rockin' it!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Outfits galore...the continuation

The next piece we styled for the week is one of our newer fabric collection pieces, Nina A. This is a bit of a statement necklace, and it's very girly, so it's important to not be over the top feminine with your outfit. Bringing in some tomboy elements really makes the whole thing work.

Once again, I opted for an all over black look (it's sort of my thing) but I wanted to make it a bit more boyish by having pants and a bomber jacket. But paired with some black patent leather pumps and Nina A it makes for a nice going out outfit for somewhere casual.

Margaret also went for a boyish yet flirty look for going out. She paired a cute military inspired white top with some navy and gold shorts to keep it boyish, and some tie up pumps to keep it sexy. All she needs now is a ride!

When wearing statement necklaces (or big accessories in general) remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple, basic, and well organized. Keep it focused and clean or else you'll look like a hot (or not so hot) mess!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Outfits galore...the begining

So as promised, or mentioned last week, here are some ways you can wear some of our pieces. Yes, we are nerds. Yes, we look silly. And yes, we had lots of fun.

The first piece we decided to shoot was Leilani. There's an extra chain which you can choose to wear to the front, or to the back, depending on your outfit. We didn't feel like our sale photo of it did that detail much justice so we wanted to show off how it really looks.

Here's the first styling of it, just a plain black leotard, skirt, belt, and flats. Leilani is a good fit for something like this since it gives it a little something interesting to the back. The pearls are also able to stand out against the plain backdrop.

Margaret did a cute office to happy hour look. She paired a purple print dress with a white blazer so that the necklace blends together well with the whole outfit. Wear Leilani all to the front with the jacket on for a conservative at the office look, and when it's time to go out and grab a few drinks, the look changes over quickly. Just take the jacket off, whip that chain to the back, probably apply some fresh lipstick and you're good to go.

So, whether it's an outfit where you're making Leilani the main attraction, or you're going for something more subtle for the office, it's a versatile piece, and a must have for any jewelry box!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Working hard at the studio!

Hi guys!
We're super excited about people from all over the world finding us through A Beautiful Mess! Now we're just getting anxious about losing some potential customers since our site uses flash. Don't get us wrong, we love our iPhones, but iPhones and iPads don't really like flash. So, on top of losing people that are browsing through their Apple products, it seems as though depending on the internet connection our site might be taking a really (reaaalllly) long time to load. Womp womp.
We spent some time today getting our etsy account back together so we can switch over our link on ABM to that instead so we can get those sales in!

We also spent some time making three new very lovely pieces!

Here's Clementine A, a very Palm Beach-y vintage scarf and 1960's gold plated chain turned awesome statement necklace.

Inspired by the pastel colors of the upcoming season, and the past ballerina inspirations of Black Swan, this is Nina A.

And finally, since so many asked about getting some more pocket watch pieces, we have a very nautical/mermaid-y piece named Arielle...get it?

We're also excited to post some outfits next week showing different ways to style our pieces. We want to make sure everyone can see how versatile they really are. Margaret and I have such different styles, but seriously, the pieces always look awesome on both of us regardless of our outfits. Honest. You'll see!

Until next week, take care! <3