Monday, March 7, 2011

Working hard at the studio!

Hi guys!
We're super excited about people from all over the world finding us through A Beautiful Mess! Now we're just getting anxious about losing some potential customers since our site uses flash. Don't get us wrong, we love our iPhones, but iPhones and iPads don't really like flash. So, on top of losing people that are browsing through their Apple products, it seems as though depending on the internet connection our site might be taking a really (reaaalllly) long time to load. Womp womp.
We spent some time today getting our etsy account back together so we can switch over our link on ABM to that instead so we can get those sales in!

We also spent some time making three new very lovely pieces!

Here's Clementine A, a very Palm Beach-y vintage scarf and 1960's gold plated chain turned awesome statement necklace.

Inspired by the pastel colors of the upcoming season, and the past ballerina inspirations of Black Swan, this is Nina A.

And finally, since so many asked about getting some more pocket watch pieces, we have a very nautical/mermaid-y piece named Arielle...get it?

We're also excited to post some outfits next week showing different ways to style our pieces. We want to make sure everyone can see how versatile they really are. Margaret and I have such different styles, but seriously, the pieces always look awesome on both of us regardless of our outfits. Honest. You'll see!

Until next week, take care! <3

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