Friday, March 18, 2011

Outfits galore....the end

Hi guys!
Here's the conclusion to this weeks outfits, stay tuned for more next week maybe!

For the last look we did we chose to combine two of our pieces from different collections to show that you can mix and match them. Here's Annabelle from our Pearl collection, and Clementine B from our Fabric collection working together to accessorize some cute outfits!

Here's another going out look, or paired with some flats instead could be cute for a lunch date. I paired a different back American Apparel leotard with a pink tutu skirt and some black patent leather pumps to have it be flirty, but with my favorite bomber jacket again to add some edge. The accessories add more girly touches with the bow and pearls so it's not over the top girly, but definitely nice for a day when you feel like playing dress up.

Margarets look for these pieces was a nice errand running sort of outfit. Comfy in some wide leg jeans, a white silk tank, navy blazer, and some wedges. This is perfect for running those errands you have to finish for the week, and yet still super cute if someone calls you up for a spontaneous lunch, or if you decide to go surprise your boo at work. The accessories work without over powering the outfit or drawing too much attention, effortless and adorable.

So even though a lot of our pieces are girly, and you may be thinking "But that's not my style! How would I wear that?!" we hope that by showing you some outfit ideas you see that they really are versatile. More importantly perhaps, is that when it comes to dressing and personal style it's about owning it. If you're confident with what you're wearing, it'll show, and no one will question your outfit choice. And well, if they do, too bad cause you're rockin' it!


  1. oh sweethearts, how can a girl not love a comment like that! ;)

  2. you guys are adorbs...i love your jewelry!! so fabulous! have you two thought about joining twitter?!? such a great network of people out there that i'm sure would love your jewelry!

    also i am part of a big networking site that you lovelies may be interested in. free link ups and all that fun stuff. you'll love it! xo

  3. awesome outfits with stunning accessories. xxx

  4. hey girls :) thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! i'm a jewelry designer as well and i think showing your pieces with 2 different outfits is a really great idea.. nice job and cute outfits!

  5. Hi!
    Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I absolutely love your jewellery! You ar two very talanted ladies! :)

    Best wishes,

  6. Okay, I seriously love the pink skirt with the leather jacket. It's good girl meets bad girl all in one outfit. Love it!

    You girls are gorgeous!

    - Caroline (

  7. love that pink skirt! xo

  8. i love that tutu skirt and actually wore pretty much the exact same one today!!! yay so happy you responded on etsy, there aren't enough miami bloggers :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. Thank you for commenting on my blog! Yours is awesome and I will definitely be reading all of your posts from now on! I love the Tutu (not that confident though!) so jeans and a blazer is more my style!

  10. Gosh! Thanks for all comments guys! :]