Monday, March 28, 2011

T and Jeans and Bunnie Bee

So heres the deal. We all love dressing fashionable and trendy basically as if we are in an episode of Sex and the City. But some mornings, especially those sleepy rainy mornings, a T and jeans will just have to do!

As Marion and I both pulled up to work today, we stepped out of our cars, looked at each other and just laughed. We were both in a 'T and jeans' mood. Bunnie Bee Jewelry completely transformed our outfits. One thing we love about BB Jewelry is that each piece can be dressed up or down and still look fabulous.

Everything from the Crystal Collection can add a stunning touch of beauty to a cocktail outfit. And it doesn't stop there. The Crystal Collection is just as stunning with a casual look too!

A classic casual look: Pearls, stripes, and ballet flats.
Need I say more?

Oh yes there is one more thing! 
You all LOVELY readers must know something very important. 
This fabulous whistle necklace, Norah, works! It whistles loud and clear!

Goofy shots of me displaying how Norah (aka 'the trendy rape whistle') works!

PS: To wrap up our sponsorship month, we're offering FREE SHIPPING until March 31st when you shop through our etsy!

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