Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday silliness

We work a lot, but we have a bunch of fun at the same time. Playing with the pups, or making a food run for pad Thai, or even messing around with our materials.

One thing I end up doing a lot is draping fabric over my head/shoulders/ etc and maintain a totally casual conversation with Margaret, until it's too ridiculous and we burst out laughing.
Another thing we tend to do is wear our pieces as crowns. Maybe one day we'll branch out into tiara's and head dresses! Until then, we just fake it.

Here's the Bee with Catherine A

I flipped my headband down as a head dress.

We also tend to put things over our eyes, like Geordi La Forge. Did you guys ever do that when you were little??

Tomorrow is our Sunday funday, enjoy your day as much as we will!

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  1. love the catherine a and i think i have that headband too!!