Monday, April 25, 2011

Manic Monday

Margaret and I are in the office, hard at work. And by office, I mean Starbucks. And by hard at work, I mean planning, writing, thinking, and drinking tea.

While we plan out the rest of the week, here are our outfits to hopefully inspire your week!

I treated myself and got this new white blazer from Express. It's super light so I'll be able to wear it without overheating, that's always a plus!

The bee also felt in the mood for a jacket, and accented the whole outfit with a J. Crew mini belt. Super delicate but it ties it all together.


  1. You both look fabulous! I love your white blazer. I really need to buy one!

  2. Love the white blazer! It's so cute and perfect for spring! xx


  3. Lovely! You both look so chic, I love that white blazer!